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Log into my E-Learning account?

I am a New User

When you join Ryde House Group and complete your New Employee Enrolment a link to our e-learning system (MLC) will be emailed to you.  

You will be asked to log in and set your password -please remember the password you chose as this will enable you to log in again.

I am a Returning User

Logging in requires the following information:

Username: your name.surname (all lower case - no capital letters)

Password: created on first log in


I have forgotten my MLC password?

If you have forgotten your MLC password then you can use the 'get help signing in' link. You will be asked to enter your username and then reset your password. 

If you have tried to reset your password and you are still struggling then the HR or Training Departments may be able to assist. 

Access my Payslip?

You will be paid your wages on the last working day of the month. If you have received your payslip but not yet been paid don't worry; payslips are usually emailed to you a few days before payday

Your payslip is a secure PDF document that requires a password to open it. The password is the one that you selected when you completed your New Employee Enrolment Form. 

Report my ID card lost or damaged?

It is essential that you report your card lost as soon as possible so that it can be deactivated.  We will issue your first replacement free of charge, however additional replacements are charged at £10 per card. 

Please go to the Self-Service Portal to report your card as lost. 

If your card is damaged then please return it to the HR department who will issue you with a new one free of charge. 

Tell you that I have changed my:

  • Address

  • Name

  • Contact details

  • Emergency Contacts

Please go to the Self-Service Portal to tell us about the change.