How to Use Petty Cash

The company will generally keep a small float of up to £50 within the home for cash purchases. This will be kept locked in the staff office but the seniors will be able to access this as and when needed. 

Where possible the homes company credit card should be used but the petty cash is available when this is not possible.

Firstly before taking any monies you must check the current balance of the petty cash tin. This will ensure that the balance is correct at the time of taking the money. If there had been any errors or discrepencies then this should be picked up immediately. If you do not check the balance before taking money, but then when doing calculations you find the money down, you may be expected to re-balance the money from your own finances as there would be no evidence to say that the cash was already short before you took any money out.

When the balance has been checked and its deemed to have the correct balance then you can proceed with taking the required money that you need. When you take money from the petty cash tin you will need to record this onto a "Cash Taken Voucher" which will be kept in the drawer with all monies. On this voucher you will record your name, the date, amount of money taken out and your signature. At this point if we were to have any financial inspections the "Cash Taken Voucher" is the monetary representation to make the purses correctly balance. You should get this signed by the senior on shift or management to confirm the amount taken.


Please see picture below

After completing the purchase and returning to the home you will then need to record the amount spent and change returned onto the cash voucher. Again this should be signed by yourself and the senior to confirm.

You should then staple your reciept to the cash taken voucher.

If you do not obtain a receipt then you will need to complete a missing reciept form which should be available on the company computer.


Please see picture below

You are now ready to make the entry into the petty cash book. 

On the next available space within the book you must record the date, a description of the purchase, the debit or amount spent, the new cash balance that remains and then signed by youself and one other person. 

When signing and double signing the purse books you are signing to say that 


  1. The receipt or missing reciept form is present. 

  2. The calculations are all correct.

  3. The money is correct.


You should not sign unless all the above points are met otherwise.


Any Monies that are entered in to the petty cash tin, such as when admin top up the float, needs to be recorded into the book the same way but the amount need to be recorded in the +in column.





Please see picture below for an example.

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