Dear team


We are planning to implement some positive changes and would like your feedback: 


From the 23rd of June, we are planning for all staff to move from an hourly wage to a salary.


We strongly believe that working in social care is a skilled profession and a long-lasting career. The work is hard and requires commitment to the people we support in order to achieve the best outcomes for them. We therefore feel that salaries are more aligned with these beliefs and help improve our commitment to you in ways that cannot be achieved through an hourly wage. Having a salary would also better align you with other professionals who typically receive a salary for their work, such as healthcare professionals, social workers, and teachers. 


We are so proud of the work you do and really want you to feel recognised as the professionals that you are! 


Why are we making this change and how does this benefit you? 


We are making this change to further improve the pay structure within our organisation in ways that we hope will increase the appeal of being RHG team members. There are many benefits to changing to a salary based system for employees which include: 


  • Planning ahead - having a salary guarantees the minimum amount you will get paid every month. This will not only help you plan your personal time, but also makes it much easier to do things such as get a mortgage and make other financial plans for your future.


  • Additional hours incentives - we can provide enhancements and incentives for staff working additional hours when supporting homes during challenging times.  


  • Improved recognition - as part of the salaries process, we are also introducing additional recognition benefits for length of service, giving you additional annual leave when key milestones are reached. This includes recognition of any milestones you have already achieved.   


  • Improved awake shift pay - we are also introducing a fixed rate for awake shifts, increasing it from the current level and paying you this new rate for the entire awake shift. 


What are the overtime enhancements and what would they look they in practice? 


Overtime enhancements are used when we recognise or forecast that a home is having a challenging staffing period. 


During these periods, we would look at applying an enhanced overtime rate, typically time and a quarter, for staff who complete extra hours over their contracted hours.

How do I get involved? 

We welcome any feedback you may have in relation to this change. We ask that you do this by 9am on the 6th of June and we will communicate the results to staff the following week.  Please click the button below to complete the form.


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