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Hi everyone welcome to our first Ryde House Group Training Blog, as you know almost all our face to face training has been cancelled. Only in exceptional circumstances will face to face training take place. However, you do still need to ensure that you maintain your skills and training commitment for all of the eLearning through MLC.

Dawn Wilby, the Ryde House Group head of training said, “These are extremely challenging times and ensuring you have the right knowledge and skills is essential if we are to continue to keep yourselves and our resident as safe as possible. That is why Keith and I are working to identify key online training packages for you as well as developing our own unique videos to support you in your day to day tasks”.

To start our blog off I wanted to share with you some of the excellent training videos produced by Keith:

NHS Medication Observation Kit - If you haven't already done so, you will start to see NHS medication observation kits appearing in your homes to help you monitor your residents and keep them safe. This is a short video, which explains the contents of those kits and how you use them.

Visual Hand Washing Guide - This is an exceptionally revealing video showing the impact of hand washing under ultra-violet light. We are continually hearing how important hand washing is to keeping us all safe from the coronavirus and we know that hand washing is such a common practice that we all think we are experts at it. However, you will see from Keith's video that it is not as straight forward as we may think, particularly if we take the 'Splash & Dash' approach.

Short PPE Guide - This is a short video, which provides guidance on how to put on our standard PPEs, aprons, gloves and masks, take them off safely and in which order.

A Stepwise Approach to Hygiene and the Use of PPE -This is an informative and more detailed video, which sets out a stepwise approach to hygiene and the appropriate use of PPE, from a Ryde House Group perspective, to help you manage the risk of coronavirus in the homes and keep yourself and others safe.

We hope you have enjoyed these videos and found them useful. We will continue to use this blog to keep you updated with our latest training information and videos as they become available.


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