Coronavirus Update Blog – Furloughing

The Government Job Retention Scheme, known as furloughing, is now available to some of the Ryde House Group staff. We are currently offering the opportunity to furlough to staff who meet all of the criteria outlined below:

  • A staff member is within the 'clinically extremely vulnerable' risk category due to a health condition/ conditions.

  • The staff member has a letter from the NHS/ GP advising the staff member to shield due to their health condition/ conditions.

  • The staff member is able to evidence both of the above and provide further evidence where requested.

  • You can not apply to be furloughed if the person in 'clinically extremely vulnerable' risk category’ with the letter is a family member rather than yourself.

If all of the above apply to you then you can decide to apply for the government’s furlough scheme by filling out the application at the following link: Application Form Here

This scheme applies to both staff who are already shielding and also staff who are currently choosing to continue to work who are within the 'clinically extremely vulnerable' risk category for a health condition/ concern.

If an employee has a health concern whereby they identify as high risk but are not categorised as 'clinically extremely vulnerable' by their GP or the NHS, then there is still support available in the form of Statutory Sick Pay from the first day of shielding.

For any changes or updates to this scheme please see the RHG job retention furlough scheme webpage on the staff intranet.


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