Coronavirus Update Blog (3)

Hi Everyone, welcome to the third of our coronavirus update blogs providing you with the latest information about the Coronavirus and how it affects us all in the Ryde House Group. I wanted to start today’s blog with a message of support we received to thank you all for everything you are doing.

David Havard the deputy manager at Silver Birch shared with me the following message: We had a lovely phone call from one of the physiotherapists at Arthur Webster Clinic earlier. She was just calling to thank us for all we are doing. She said that the fact we’re still here and supporting our guys is amazing – She explained that the NHS is trained for this type of situation but we are in uncharted territory and that she’s shocked there isn’t more praise on the news for providers like us who support people that don’t understand what is happening and whose lives are being massively impacted with little we can do to help. She said we are not only putting ourselves at risk due to the virus but that the behaviours our residents may display due to these restrictions put us at further risk. David wanted to share this with you, so you know that people do appreciate what we are all doing and appreciate that we are in a difficult situation

A quick reminder: Ryde House Group is committed to supporting the government’s approach to coronavirus and fully embraces the government’s instructions to social distance and to stay at home, unless it is for one of the four key reasons, going to work in a key role, obtaining food & medical supplies and once a day for exercise. We have heard of occasions where staff have mis-interpreted these instructions and because they work closely with a colleague for long periods of time, they feel it is okay to continue that associate outside of the work environment. Let me be clear, this is unacceptable and contrary to our company policy as it places yourselves, your colleagues and our residents at risk. Therefore, if we become aware that this is happening we will take appropriate and proportionate action in line with our company procedures.

If you are struggling with social distancing, staying at home or for any other reason you speak confidentially with our counsellor Keith Johnson. You can arrange to speak with him by completing our counselling referral form, which is available via a link on the front page of the staff intranet. If you feel you need to speak with him urgently, you can contact him via his email and he will contact you to arrange a time to speak with you and decide on what support he can assist you with.

I know that these are complex and confusing times and the daily challenges we are being asked to face are unprecedented. The senior management team are continuing to meet on a regular basis to review the latest information and guidance regarding the pandemic to ensure Ryde House Group is adapting its policies and working practices to respond effectively to the dynamic and ever-changing situation and keep residents and staff as safe as possible. Therefore, to help us all through these confusing times and we have put together a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on the staff intranet. This page will continue to grow as more questions and answers are added.

Shout out to staff – This is one of the most powerful means we have of sharing important information with you is via an emailed staff shout out. We know that sometimes these emails get lost in junk mail or are deleted but needed again. Therefore, we want to use this blog as a point of reference for you, when we send information via an email shout out so you can always access it. Here are the latest two shouts out about the coronavirus:

Staffing: We are continuing to monitor our staffing levels on a daily basis and as a result of your dedication and support we are managing to ensure we maintain safe staffing levels across all of our services. We have also had a great success with our latest recruitment campaign so you will start to see a number of new faces joining you and your teams.

We have changed the way we work and have taken a companywide approach to the management and storage of PPEs. In addition to stock in your homes/locations, we have a central store of face masks, gloves, aprons, eye protectors and alcohol gel to be able to safely support any service users who are suspected of having the virus in line with the latest local authority guidance. 

The management team are reviewing these stock levels during weekly coronavirus strategy meetings and are constantly topping up supplies from regular and new dedicated PPE supply chains. We also have access to urgent additional supplies from the local Emergency PPE Supply chain should the need ever arise. 

Make Me Smile: As we continue to pull together and support each other and our service users to get through these scary and challenging times we have asked the managers of your homes to share with us and the rest of the company some of the things you are doing that are helping to keep a smile on all of our faces. You are all doing a fantastic job and have embraced the challenges we all face. Here is just a small selection of some of the photos and videos from across the company that have been shared so far. I hope they help to bring us all closer together and bring a smile to your face, particularly if you are self-isolating or working from home.

Newton Lodge:

Newton Gardens:

Ryde Cottage:

Ryde House:

Beech House:

Maple Tree:

Clifton Cottage & Woodville:

And last but definitely not least here is a video of some of the Outreach team enjoying themselves to Queens 'We will Rock You'


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